Middle Market Lending

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Hayfin provides lending solutions to European medium-sized companies. We have a wide and flexible mandate with an ability to invest across the debt structure in a diverse range of industries.

Hayfin seeks to develop long term partnerships with corporates and financial sponsors. We employ a direct origination and sourcing strategy which includes investment professionals located in regional offices across Europe and the United States. As a result, we self-originate and structure the majority of our investments.

We invest in performing medium-sized companies across Europe and do not operate a loan to own strategy. Types of direct lending investments include: revolver, first lien, second lien, unitranche, mezzanine and other subordinated debt instruments.

Specialty Lending

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Hayfin’s Specialty Lending strategy invests across situations which exhibit a level of structural, operational or sourcing complexity, across both the primary and secondary credit markets.

Hayfin seeks to develop long term partnerships and support companies that otherwise may have difficulty attracting financing from more traditional sources of capital.

We offer solutions which may include bridge loans, rescue financing to companies in financial stress or loans to companies undergoing a turnaround.

Across the secondary market we are active in purchasing existing debt of companies with a view to refinancing or turnaround.

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Hayfin’s liquid credit strategy takes a flexible, total return approach to investing in high yield bonds and leveraged loans.

Hayfin takes a fundamental investment approach to European sub-investment grade credit, selecting assets through detailed credit analysis with a total return mindset.

We view Europe’s high yield and leveraged loan asset classes as cyclical, structurally and legally idiosyncratic and largely inefficient. We aim to optimise risk/reward through bottom up security selection, reduced focus on tracking error and a highly flexible approach to sector, security and ratings exposure.

Investments are managed by a dedicated and highly experienced London based team of European credit specialists with deep relationships across the market.

Maritime Finance

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Hayfin, in partnership with Breakwater Capital Ltd., provide alternative finance solutions to the maritime sector.

We employ an asset based lending approach with a focus on quality vessels and strong management teams. Our team has extensive experience across maritime lending, ship ownership and maritime private equity investments.

Hayfin adopts a sector agnostic approach to this capital intensive industry and seeks to invest across maritime asset classes; dry bulk carriers, tankers (crude oil, refined petroleum, chemical), gas (LNG and LPG) carriers, container vessels, offshore vessels, offshore oil service assets and specialty vessels.

We support the maritime industry by offering a variety of debt and structured financing alternatives, recognising shifting market conditions require long term capital solutions with efficient execution.

Alternative Credit

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Hayfin’s Alternative Credit strategy invests in undervalued European assets across a broad universe of products. The illiquid nature of these investments necessitates an experienced team and deep, fundamental credit analysis with a strong legal overlay.

Hayfin pursues assets which do not fit well within the current bank and insurance regulatory frameworks, focussing on assets that are mispriced versus their underlying fundamentals.

Our dedicated alternative credit team has an average of 20 years of experience, specialising in structuring and investing in asset backed securities across WBS, infrastructure, consumer receivables, CMBS, RMBS and CLO tranches.


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Hayfin provides lending solutions to healthcare companies across Europe and North America, including traditional acquisition financings, royalty financings and more complex, structured financings to a wide variety of commercial-stage companies.

We understand emerging healthcare companies’ trade on a multiple of sales, need to continue investing heavily in growth strategies and future programmes and almost always need additional capital to accelerate their sales trajectory. These factors generally make equity extremely expensive and non-dilutive financing difficult to find.

Hayfin’s Healthcare strategy seeks to invest across a variety of debt and debt-like structures within the healthcare industry. We target investments up to €200 million, but have the ability to execute significantly larger transactions.