Hayfin makes public and private credit investments across the liquidity spectrum through its Direct Lending, Special Opportunities, High-Yield Credit and Structured Credit strategies.

The firm accesses a diverse range of asset profiles and sub-sectors, including through its sector-specialist teams focused on shipping, healthcare, and real estate.

Hayfin manages strategy-specific commingled funds and tailored separate and managed accounts which combine product exposures.

Direct Lending

Hayfin originates, structures and invests in performing loans to European middle-market companies. We focus on companies with strong market positions, proven management teams and robust financial histories.

Our focus is on providing senior-secured loans that exhibit strong returns relative to their risk of loss. Most of our activity in this strategy is self-originated (i.e. sourced and structured by Hayfin), but we also purchase attractively priced loans in the secondary market, particularly during times of market disruption.


Special Opportunities

Hayfin invests in special opportunities across an array of asset classes and market niches. We focus on providing capital in situations in which credit may be scarce.

These situations may include corporate stress or distress, where we provide rescue facilities or restructuring capital, or investing in out-of-favour industries and purchasing non-performing or underperforming loans from European banks. We tend to look for situations in which our downside is protected by hard asset value or visible cashflow.


High-Yield Credit

Our European and US teams maintain extensive track records in their respective markets. We adopt a total-return approach to investing in high-yield bonds and syndicated loans through long-only and CLO formats, combining our teams' experience, in both the European and US markets, with the overall credit expertise of the firm.

We focus on creating portfolios that are total-return orientated and differentiated to the benchmark credit indices.


Structured Credit

Hayfin’s dedicated team of structured credit professionals deliver innovative client solutions through investing in primary issuance and secondary markets in collateralised loan obligations (CLOs), residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS), commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS), whole business securitisations, and other structured financial assets.

Our focus is to maximise income across the asset class by leveraging our significant expertise and understanding of the complex risk factors that impact the valuation of these structured financial products and deliver performance across a wide range of asset-backed security strategies.


Private Equity Funds

Hayfin invests in third-party European mid-market private equity funds.

Our specialist team, with its extensive relationships with and long-standing track record of investing in European private equity funds, draws on Hayfin’s shared research platform to also originate and participate in equity co-investment opportunities in partnership with the funds in which it invests.